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900 plus 2100 Mhz Dual Band Booster Kit

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Compatibility - Voicecalls for Vodafone / O2 / Tesco and 3G DATA for all networks

Package Includes

    1.  1 x 900 / 2100 MHz Booster
    2.  1 x Indoor Antenna
    3.  1 x Outdoor LPDA Antenna
    4.  1 x 15 Meters Ultra Low-loss Cable for connecting outdoor Antenna
    5.  1 x 5 Meters Ultra Low-loss Cable for connecting Indoor Antenna
    6.  1 x UK Power Supply Adapter
    7.  4 x Screws for Mounting
    8.  1 x English User Manual

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Our 900 plus 2100 Mhz booster kit is the ideal solution for mobile phone users suffering with poor quality signals in the UK and Europe. This mobile phone booster has been designed to improve signal to any phone operating on the 900MHz frequency, which includes boosting voice mobile signals for Vodafone / O2 / Tesco / THREE networks in the UK (Voice and 3G Signals).

The high gain LPDA antenna and amplifier maximises the available signal in your property, and can boost mobile phone signals for up to 500 square meters of the kit. The 900 plus 2100 mhz mobile booster works with all models of handsets and support up to 15 simultaneous users, making it a perfect choice for everyone from individual householders so small businesses and offices.

The mobile phone booster kit is designed to host up to 15 simultaneous users, and to improve the signal for 300-600 square meters depending on the ouside signal quality. The system can be extended to cover a greater area or to provide more user capacity through installing additional ceiling antennas and power splitters.

The mobile phone signal booster kit comes with full instructions for easy installation of the product, as well as a two year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Where it works best

  1. 900 plus 2100 mhz booster kit works in areas suffering with a low or weak signal, including blind area such as underground or semi-underground places of business, basements, underground parking and more.

  2. This mobile phone signal booster can also remedy complaints from small-scale hot-signal areas, such as conference rooms, small supermarkets, discrete shopping malls, office spaces and small public areas.

  3. Using the 900 plus 2100 mhz booster kit can improve the traffic and social influence of large areas such as bars, cafes, dance halls, cafes, fitness clubs, leisure and entertainment facilities and more.

  4. 900 plus 2100 mhz booster kit will even improve signal in elevators and lift walls.

Product Features
1. The GSM mobile phone booster is small, lightweight and an attractive design

2. GSM/EGSM 900MHz / 2100 Mhz (3G)

3. Max. Gain: 65 dB, making it suitable for homes, offices, businesses and more.

4. Coverage: Max. 300 - 600 sq.m.

5. Low Power Consumption

6. Power Supply: AC100-220V 50/60Hz AC Adapter; DC 5V/2A   

Technical Specification

Frequency Range GSM :   Downlink ( 935--960MHz)    Uplink (890--915MHz)

Frequency Range DCS :    Downlink (2110 ~ 2170 MHz)    Uplink (1710 ~ 1785 MHz)

Input Power Range :    -70 ~ - 40dBm

Max Output Power :    Downlink 27dBm    Uplink 25dBm

Max Gain :    Downlink 65dB±2dB    Uplink 60dB±2dB

Characteristic  Impedance :    50

VSWR :    <1:1.8

Tx/Rx lsolation :   >80dB

Noise figure :    <6.0dB

Group Delay :    <5us

I / O Port : N Female on both ends

Pass  Band  Ripple :    6.0dB p-p

Main  Power :    AC 100-220V(used AC/DC 9V 2A)

Cabinet  Style :    In-door wall mount type

Money Back Guarantee
We are committed to provide high quality, tested products that are guaranteed to enhance mobile phone signal quality and extend signal coverage. We offer a no quibble 30-day money back guarantee for all our mobile phone signal booster products. This will give you piece of mind and ensure that you are protected.

Free 2 year manufacturer’s warranty included

The 900 plus 2100 mhz booster kit has been designed to be extremely simple to install. Everything you need to get your mobile signal booster up and running is contained within the kit, including easy to follow, step by step instructions for the installation procedure.

The process of installation simply involves placing an external antenna in the area of best signal, which will send the GSM signal to the amplifier for boosting. The signal rebroadcast throughout the property, giving you the perfect mobile phone signal for 300 – 600 square metres. Installation should only take a few moments, and as soon as you connect the power you can enjoy more signal bars, better call quality and no more missed or dropped calls.


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