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Orange Signal Booster

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Orange Signal Booster

If you suffer with poor mobile reception at home, at work or in your business premises, you might think the only solution is to move away from your current provider. However, if you are tied into a long contract, as so many of us are, leaving mid contract can leave you responsible for big charges to pay off the contract. Luckily for us, there is another way. The Orange Signal Booster from Cell Phone Booster is designed for people in just your situation, and promises to give you clear as a bell reception from the moment it is installed.
1800 mhz Mini Booster Kit

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1800 mhz Booster Kit

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Dual Band 900 plus 1800 GSM Mini Booster Kit

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Dual Band 900 plus 1800 mhz Booster Kit

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Tri Band Signal Booster Kit

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What is the Orange Signal Booster?
The Orange Signal Booster is a clever piece of device that takes the weak mobile signal around your property and amplifies it up, so it can be clearly received by your mobile devices all over the building. Our Orange Signal Booster kits are able to rebroadcast the signal for around 500 – 1000 square metres, making them suitable for not just domestic homes, but also shops, factories and warehouses.

How does it work?

A mobile booster like the Orange Signal Booster is really a much more simple piece of technology than you might at first think. A well placed aerial on the outside of the building captures the weak mobile signal that your phones antenna is not strong enough to pick up. A length of cable feeds this signal into a signal amplifier unit, which is a small, unobtrusive box plugged in inside the building, which then rebroadcasts the signal at maximum strength.

Who needs the Orange Signal Booster?
Anyone on the Orange network, or indeed the EE network, with a compatible handset who is struggling with their reception can benefit from the Orange Signal Booster. It may be that the building you live in has very thick walls, or that a large object such as a hill or tower block is blocking your mobile signal. However you may require additional indoor antennas in the properties where there are thick concrete walls. Properties near water often suffer with poor reception as the water reflects the signal in all sorts of funny directions.

Apart from domestic householders, businesses and operators of public spaces can benefit greatly from the Orange Signal Booster if they know their customers and visitors are having trouble getting reception. This could include, in particular:
•    Operators of underground car parks, semi underground places of business or businesses in basements.
•    Offices and shops where particular rooms, conference suites, supermarket aisles and public areas are known to be blind spots for mobile signals.
•    Workers in remote locations such as forestry rangers, highways engineers and fishermen.
•    Large buildings where signal is blocked, such as leisure centres, big nightclubs, supermarkets and dance halls.

What sort of results can be expected from the Orange Signal Booster?
You might be thinking, what if it doesn’t work for me. Well, our mobile phone booster is fully guaranteed to make a massive impact on your mobile phone reception from the moment you start using it, and most of our clients report going from 1-2  bars to full bars of reception in minutes.

The Orange Signal Booster works in both directions, so as well as being able to hear your calls, you’ll be able to be heard well by your callers too. Just a few of the instant benefits provided by the Orange Signal Booster include:
•    No more missed calls – your phone will ring every time
•    No more dropped calls – the signal will stay strong and true no matter how long you want to talk
•    Full bars of reception from the moment the amplifier is switched on
•    Better, faster data connections
•    Love your mobile phone again!

Whether you are in a small family home or a sprawling business premises, no matter what handset or network you are on, Cell Phone Booster have the right solution for you. Find out more about our Orange Signal Booster or any of our other products today by emailing