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3G Signal Booster

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3G Signal Booster

3G Signal Booster
3G Mini Booster Kit

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3G Booster Kit

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900 plus 3G Mini Booster Kit

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900 plus 3G Booster Kit

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Tri Band Signal Booster Kit

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3G Signal Booster

If you are using a 3G mobile phone, or trying to take advantage of any of the other applications of 3G services, the one thing you’ll be relying upon is getting an excellent signal from your 3G network provider. Whether you need 3G to conduct business, to keep in touch with friends or simply to organise your schedule, what you don’t need is to find you have limited or no 3G connectivity.

Our 3G signal booster has been designed to work in any environment, from the office to the home and even in shopping centres and warehouses. We know that, thanks to our groundbreaking technology, you shouldn’t have to put up with poor or non-existent 3G reception wherever you are, thanks to our 3G Signal Booster.

What is 3G?

The term 3G is used to describe the ‘3rd Generation’ of mobile technology. Most modern mobile phones as well as tablets, dongles and other internet devices make use of 3G signals to give the user a broadband speed internet service, even whilst on the move. With no 3G signal, users are restricted to a slow, second rate service such as GPRS, which is to modern 3G connections what dial up internet is to fibre optic.

Why do we lose 3G signal?

3G travels in a similar manner to most mobile signals, in that it needs a fairly direct line of sight between the transmitter and the receiver. Sometimes large objects such as buildings and hills can obstruct the signal and cause 3G to be lost. In very enclosed spaces such as supermarkets, shopping malls and lifts, the signal is typically rendered useless, leaving people in these environments with no 3G signal at all.

How can the 3G Signal Booster help?

When you discover that you need to spend time in a place with no 3G connectivity, the situation can be anything from mildly irritating to downright disastrous. For people who rely on their data connection to conduct business or manage money, the loss of 3G can be a catastrophe. Even if it’s not quite so important to you, losing 3G in a place where you spend a lot of time, such as at home or in the office, can be highly annoying, particularly when you’re paying for a service which you cannot use.

Our 3G signal booster has been developed to mitigate all these problems. Though a complex piece of equipment, the 3G Signal Booster has been designed to be easy to install, easy to use and to have very little capable of going wrong. One investment and you’ll be enjoying better 3G reception for many years to come.

How does our 3G Signal Booster work?

The 3G Signal Booster comes in three distinct parts. First there is an antenna, which will need to be mounter high up on the exterior of the building, preferably in the area of strongest signal. The second part is a coaxial cable which runs from the antenna into the building. And thirdly there is a small, unobtrusive box which connects to the end of the cable inside the building.

The antenna has been designed to be super sensitive to your networks signal, and will pick up even the weakest signal and transfer it to the box. The box acts like a 3G loudspeaker, amplifying and rebroadcasting the signal to give you perfect 3G signal for 500 - 1000 square metres.

The results?

Our users report excellent results with the 3G signal booster. These include:
  •  Full bars of reception where previously there were none
  •  Faster, more reliable data connectivity
  •  Better voice calls (on the Three network)
  •  No more poor quality photo uploads, document transfers or download hiccups
Our systems supports up to 10-20 users simultaneously, making this perfect for an office environment. All makes and models of phone which use 3G signals are supported, and we offer a full guarantee that we’ll refund your money if you aren’t amazed with the results.